The end of the Pizza Month curse

We arrived after lunch, spirits high. Rage Against The Machine blaring through the speakers.
Selecting the track ”Killing In The Name” and pressing play right after passing the Torö church*, means that Zach de la Rocha should yell ”Motherfucker!” when you arrive at the Torö parking lot(this tradition of my good mates Manne and KP should now be considered shared. Yes, they do it every time).
So far, October had been yelling ”Motherfucker!” in the face of us all. Everywhere frustration. Comparing this year's flat spell to last season's conditions has been creating angry faces or you'd at be hushed down.
To our surprise, cars were not stacked on top of each other around the First Allmänningen.

This, despite a pre-lunch report from our favorite Dana-man, promising head high conditions. Whoa, very much not expected. Did Dana need glasses or were people just too pessimistic to even make the trip down?
Soundcheck? Promising. Not exactly the Screaming 50s but a healthy low-frequency noise. Light? Cooperating. Wave check? Exceeding expectations. But attendance? In the one-digit range. What was wrong?
The first person to show up between the trees was Joel Den-Besten who was trying out a new board. Just like his previous crafts, it was shaped by Andrew Mooney (Aussie shaper, voted best free surfer in the world in 2008). ”This is experiment day”,Joel said while unvieling a little box of fins for alternative configurations. Back to his old board, Joel executed the most radical layback snaps I've ever seen in Swedish waters. Check the slideshow. Yep, he recovered nicely from that one.
Other friends and familiar faces were trying out new gear. Birk Söödi was sporting a yellow Nord board that made him instantly recognizable (rippers, make a note of that if you want to get shot!). Jacob Wester explained how he had spent a few unproductive hours in the afternoon, trying to find cars and a new board, but when stepping into liquid no frustration wasn't recognizable. At least not from the shore.
Björn Jansson was continuing to rip harder than ever. And as soon as KP was out there, it became pretty obvious that the 6/5/4 store's new project ”Kotten” (The Pinecone), where he and Manne had contributed to the design, was already a success.
Soon they were joined by The Latte, who displayed a few aggressive familiar gestures and certainly ripped just as aggressively the way we all expect him to do.

Also a pleasure to watch and shoot: Frankie Holmblad, Arvid the Kaminmannen, Joao Caldas, Magnus Larsson and Olle van Keppel. For proof, see the slideshow.
This day had good vibes and tons of aloha written all over it. Soon there will be more of that at our favorite Stoney Shore. Of that I'm bloody certain. Mahalo, Motherfuckers!

Note: National pizza month is an American observance that occurs for the month of October every year.

As per usual, the word 'stoke' occurs zero times in the text above.

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