The fisherman s son livestream full film

When one of Chile’s most iconic surf spots and Navarro’s home break of Punta de Lobos came under the threat of massive corporate development...

Ramón, the son of a subsistence fisherman, turned his platform as a surfer into a campaign to protect a place critical to his sport and near to his heart. “I want to protect this place for the fisherman and surfers who live there now and for the generations to come" said Navarro.

With leadership from Navarro and support from Save The Waves, local Chileans have so far  held back the tide of development around Punta de Lobos that would transform the point – impacting surf culture, hurting the local fishing trade and devastating the environment.  But the area remains under serious threat.

Patagonia produced and Chris Malloy directed The Fisherman’s Son, in association with Save The Waves

Donate money to help the campaign here. 100% of crowd sourced funding and t-shirt sales go directly to preserve and protect Punta de Lobos, including the development of a conservation master plan and foundation to protect the point.

If you have missed the livestream on our site can you now watch it directly on Patagonia website:

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