The Other Cold North, with Tim Latte

Tim Latte is known well enough these days for being well and truly prepared to take anything the cold Atlantic and Baltic north has to offer. The guy is up for anything, anytime, and after a bunch of fresh images from the Pacific Northwest landed on the desk at NSM HQ it seems like anywhere can be added to that too.

We caught up with Tim to hear about this recent trip to the ‘other cold north’ and learn a bit more about it.

Check out the photo gallery too, and maybe consider taking a trip over there some time…

So Tim, where did you travel to exactly?

We all flew into Portland, USA. I flew from Stockholm and met all the boys (Woody, Scotty and Logan) flying in from Nova Scotia at the airport in Portland, Oregon.  At the airport, Mark Welsh (a legendary action and adventure photographer) picked us up in his beast of a truck. From Portland, we made our way north through Oregon, Washington and later into BC, Canada where we stopped in Tofino to later jump in this decommissioned military vessel that had been redone by local shredder Ryan Cameron and his father to take people out on some pretty amazing adventures up and down the remote coast of the pacific north-west, fishing and hunting waves. 

What was the purpose of the trip? How did it come to being?

For me, it was an opportunity to jump on a pretty rad trip with rad humans. How often would a Swede get to do a full road trip along the Pacific north-west, camping and seeing some amazing scenery and surfing in some beautiful locations. But I think the overall purpose of this trip was to show how magical this part of the world is during the summer, the variety of activities etc.

The waves you had, how were they? 

We went on this trip during summer so the waves weren't the biggest, but caught some fun beach breaks at some isolated places around Vancouver Island.  This one spot that we surfed, the scenery was insane, only us out on this little beach break under the summer sun. We saw so many different setups, kind of keen to see the variety of waves this place has during a solid swell, but it’s kind of hard to get around if you don't have local knowledge or a boat. 

But you were on a boat! Is that really the only way to access waves there?

Not sure, you could probably access some breaks by car or foot, but having a boat helps. Vancouver Island has limited roads leading to the coast so the only way would be hiking if you don't have a boat, but I wouldn’t do it as the wildlife is very active.

Okay… let’s not scare the readers off… What was the most interesting thing about the journey?

For me, it was living on the boat cruising around the island with the crew. It felt kind of surreal sailing up and down the coast fishing, surfing and playing around in nature. Ryan took us to this bunch of secret waterfalls his father had shown him which was the highlight of the trip for me. 

What was the weirdest thing about surfing the Pacific North West?

Everything is so much bigger over there. Nature is way more majestic over there, nothing like what we have here in Europe. I couldn't let that shark vibe go after the boys rattled me about massive great whites around the Oregon and Washington area… 

After this experience, which is better: North Atlantic or North Pacific?

I would say North Atlantic. But, I've haven't seen much of the North Pacific. Would love to hit up Alaska and suss that place out. But if I have to choose, I would definitely say North Atlantic.

Well, sounds like there is a lot to see yet up that way Tim. Good luck on your next adventure!


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