The Strand Line

South West England by Fishfarmtv
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Hot Tips for surfing Wavegarden

Photo by Espen Odén Evertsen

The crew give you some good tips for planning your trip and surfing the artificial waves of Surf Snowdonia.

Home ft. Elliot

As a surfer its always nice exploring new places in search of that feeling when riding a wave but as my grandmother says Its always nice to come home

Two days on the Swedish West Coast

Photo by Axel Cooper-Williams

CJ Mirra Featuring Lee Ann Curren

Sans Raison – Do it right now, dont over think, without reason…”

Close To Water

Demi Taylor


“Im not really fussed about what other people think, because Im the only person Im catching waves for.”

Surfing Through Swedish Summer


Photo by Axel Cooper-Williams


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