Daniel Månsson and Peter Sahlberg are close friends and have travelled and created still and motion surf projects since the last 15 years. Daniel have for a long time had this yearning to shoot a surf project on super 8mm film. After playing around and experimenting with different cameras and ideas, he got dialed in, just in time for the trip to Ireland.

“I like the limitation film gives you, it makes you so much more present and aware of every moment, and hold it, hold it, wait, and then focus 100 percent when you know you got something special in front of your lens. It’s definitely a challenge to shoot with a 40 year old German camera in an old water housing, and then the fact that you have to wait two weeks to see if the film even got exposed right makes the whole journey even more exciting.”
says Daniel.

"Whereas California has the infamous Pacific Hwy 1, Ireland has its Wild Atlantic Way. We felt immediate trust in the winding roads alongside the Atlantic and went flight mode, patrolling up and down the coast searching for peelers and even more, to paraphrase the late Irish poet and philosopher John O'Donohue, we took good time to see the quiet miracles that seek no attention."


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