The all Scandinavia been firing the latest weeks but here is a closer look at Torö by photographer Staffan Rennermalm

Surfers are Arvid Lilljeforss, Emanuel Haglund, Tim Latte & Miguel Mouzinho. 

We also have a few 'keepers' that you will discover in our upcoming issue of Nordic Surfers Mag. Until that, be sure to follow photographer Staffan Rennermalm.

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Film & Foto:

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New portrait film on a guy who has a lot of fun things to say and a lovely attitude to life - Emanuel Manne Haglund

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Many of you will recognize him from many of our print issues. Joel has been making a name for himself in the Nordic surf scene for quite a while and has also recently shared journeys to Iceland and Alaska with 654 Stockholm that highlight the intrepid Australian adventurer in him.


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