It had to come. Just like that legendary double shaka thrown in a ISA World Games heat, it simply had to come.

When we saw the first waves, it sure was summer. With 18-19° C in the water and clear skies, it first sounded too good to be true. But true it was and late afternoon August 3 a small tent village started to form around the public piece of Torö land we call First. Forecasts were initially met with scepticism – many waiting for reports from people who had actually eyeballed what came rolling in. But after the word was out, the place was in the pretty packed-category. Some seasoned Torö locals compared this year's week 33 (#Toröveckan) with the epic days of October 2014 or even August 2011. We even saw the effects of climate change. At the end of the week the water temperature had dropped significantly. Booties and even winter wetties became common sights. Still, the warm smiles and the great vibes didn't go away. A week with a lot of aloha on Pebble Beach – lucky us.

Achievers of the #Toröveckan:
- Erik 'The Snake' Lundberg who drove all the way from Slovenia and Austria in the Whiteliner99. That was a 37-hour drive. With a leaking muffler.
- Mats and Emil, two grommets with the right attitude. Paddling out on that day took some nerve. Plus, you are two very cool dudes!
- Christer Myhran, who went out and ripped not too long after surgery.
- Tim Latte, who was charging the castle only a few hours before heading to the flights to Costa Rica and the ISA World Games.

Additional note: Time to again raise the flag with the big bold letters saying 'Now, take it fuk'n easy and get smart!' Okar and KP was seen getting hit by loose boards and there were way to too many close calls. No longer is it a matter of if the first serious injury at Pebble Beach will come, only when.

Pics and lyrics: Håkan Nyberg 

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