Valhalla Vágr

Freddie Meadows is blowing away the boundaries of what we thought possible in Sweden and give us a glimpse of what we can expect for the future. Watch Valhalla Vágr here and remember… this is just the teaser.

Film will be release in 2015 and a feature is coming in the next NSM.

"Beyond the forests of the familiar, the unknown crashes against the shore. It calls for curiosity. The path that lead Freddie Meadows to ValhallaVágr was not a paved road, but a vision of exploration. What he found was the most magic and poweful wave documented in Sweden, and the spirits of the water held his board in the triumph of being found!"
Camerawork by: Max Larsson together with DamaSpirit
Music, edit & grade by: DamaSpirit
Surfer: Freddie Meadows (accompanied by Seth Påhlsson)

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