Volcano Lines


"Volcano Lines started as a small passion project between Runar Petur & Vidir Bjornsson. Runar Petur is a natural born snowboarder and Vidir is an adventure photographer highly addicted to surfing.

The idea behind Volcano Lines is to show the raw nature of Iceland merged with Runar’s beautiful style of snowboarding,

The project is filmed during spring time in Iceland which is Runar’s favourite season for riding.  ,,The snow stays all the way into late summer and creates this corny snow which makes  it surfy to ride” says Runar. ,,Of course the powder would be better but the landscape makes up for it.

I always wanted to make a film about what I have been doing over here in East of Iceland. To show people what a paradise we have here. The terrain has so many opportunities and everything is so untouched over here. I’m so stoked to show people around the world my local lines.” Says Runar.

"In spring 2018 Runar contacted me and asked me if I wanted to film him snowboarding. To be honest I was a little sceptical taking an airplane to the East fjords to film a young snowboarder that I had never met.” Says Vidir. "At that time I was mostly shooting nature and landscape but as an old snowboarder the idea got me a little excited.

I jumped in the plane and 2 hours later I was sitting with Runar and his mother eating dinner at their house. It was at that moment I realised how humble and a great guy Runar is."

We filmed a couple of lines and after few days of shooting we both knew this was only gonna be the first mission of many. 

Today I’m thankful for taking that plane because me and Runar instantly became close friends.” Says Vidir

Film will drop 02.02.20



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