Will the artificial waves revolution come from Finland?

Artwave Surf™ is a project for creating technology to generate surfable waves for everyone, anywhere in the world with a all new concept never seen so far...

"Artwave is based on the existing natural water reservoirs, docks, lakes, rivers and bays. Artwave could be put into a pool too, but preferably not. We want to make waves in natural environments....Artwave is portable. Everything is based and located in containers. When Artwave container is taken away from the site there will ne no permanent damage or effects. This makes a big difference to almost any artificial outdoor sport equipment”, says Atso Andersen.

"All artificial wave technologies are environmentally challenging. Artificial surf waves require enormous amounts of energy. Surfing on artificial waves may become the the world's most energy-consuming sport and hobby. Artwave, however, seeks to ensure environmentally sustainable surf. Artwave makes the waves as energy-efficiently as possible... using energy about as much as some other water sport machines like FlowRider. The average power demand is estimated to be about 60 kW. Single operating cycle, a surf wave, consumes around 2 kWh. Electricity costs per wave are around 20 cents", tells Pauli Immonen.

The first Artwave pilot will be tested in Helsinki during the September. If everything goes as planned the first ready Artwave setups will delivered to the first buyers before the summer 2015. The first Artwave buyers are still not not yet known.

Artwave is led by Atso Andersen and Pauli Immonen from Aalto University.

Artwave on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artwaveSurfing
Instagram: http://instagram.com/artwavesurf

You can read the all article at www.relaa.com


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