Germans baltic coast as good as it gets.

Edit: Felix Gänsicke

Filming: Felix Gänsicke, Göran Gabriel, Dan Petermann

Surfing: Jonas Bronnert, Finn Springborn, Björn Neumann, Felix Gänsicke, Lucas Günther
Graphics: Dan Petermann

Music: Crystal Castles - Empathy


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Gotlands style!

Du Jazz Dans Le Ravin

Photo by Mat. Turries

Pot pourri av olika sesh i södra och västra Sverige under våren. Film & edit: Mat

Fredag på Fårö

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Photo by Jakob Wallin

Fyren av Jakob Wallin med Gotlandscrewet.

Den Minsta Av Segrar

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During my stay back home on Gotland this fall, I putted together a short movie about the surf scene back home. Trying to explain a feeling through a visual story that I guess many surfers who lives where the conditions aren´t perfect feel, the daily struggle to find waves. In ice cold environments. Everything was shot in a couple of weeks on the baltic island, Gotland.


Photo by Mathieu Turries

Official video & some photos from Hamburg last week end.


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