You and Me

Love, determination, support, and every surfers greatest fear. You and Me, Swedish Premiere in Helsingborg, Wednesday 7th December.

There is a moment 14 minutes into You and Me where a faded photograph of a fiercely determined Barney Miller stares straight out at you from the screen. If you didn't know that this image was snapped soon after his life changing accident you might fear him.

Knowing that this fierce stare is the outward expression of determination against the odds creates empathy in you; we have all had moments where the odds have been stacked against us and all we have had left is pure grit. But, not many of us have had our ability to stand tall on our own two feet, move freely without impediment, or stand up on a surfboard taken from us suddenly and tragically.

You see the this same ferocity in Barney's eyes once more, later in this emotional journey of a documaentary - as he prepares for his wedding day. Well, that is the type of feeling many of us can relate to...

You and Me is a story about tragedy, love and the networks of support that we all rely on yet seldomnly acknowledge or realise we have until tragedy strikes. It deals with the worst fear of many surfers - losing the ability to surf.

Mick Fanning is there sharing the effect his relationship with Barney has had on him. Mick's decision to take a year off from competition is also put into context once you see him share in Barney's journey.

You and Me is not a documentary about surfing. In fact, it is the complete opposite. It is about an individual's journey without the joys of surfing as he once knew it. Taking the time to share in this journey won't inspire you to go deeper or put more into your turns, it will simply make you appreciate what you have in surfing and cherish it more.

It will also introduce you to a Aussie not content to accept the world sitting down.

Joshua Burguete-Kirkman / NSM

Film Premiere in Helsingborg at Doc Lounge

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