Odds and ends

Photo by Mike Bromley
Filmed over the winter and a few leftover sitting on the hard drive.

Logan Landry in Sweden

Photo by Mat. Turries
Super thrilled to had Canadian Pro surfer Logan Landry from Nova Scotia visiting us in Sweden.

The Coast

When Hayden Peters was nearly 30, his life changed. Doctors told him that he could very well have a genetic disease that would kill him.

A NEW BREED: Get Miles Away - Part 1/5

When unpredictable weather conditions boast a 50/50 success rate, the odds are in your favour – at least, as far as British Columbia-based surf filmmaker Ben Gulliver and surf photographer Jeremy Koreski are concerned.

North East

Photo by Mike Bromley & Adam Legere
“Best Emerging Filmmaker” at the San Diego Surf Film Festival this year.

In Search of Dean Petty

After giving up on the ‘Californian Dream’, Dean Petty returned east to the tight-knit scene of Cow Bay, Nova Scotia, a place he grew to love growing up.

Timmy Missions: Destination Unknown | Winter Edition

Winter sessions with Firewire & ONeill team rider Timmy Reyes

The Fortune Wild

New Sitka Films production directed by Ben Gulliver

How To Body Surf

One of surfings biggest influencers, Mark Cunningham, explains that the keys to body surfing are know how to swim, have a suit that is going to stay on, kick like hell, and come out of the water smiling... Its that easy, right?!


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