Arctic Light

Tomorrow November 23rd, exclusive preview in Stockholm of Arctic Lights with Antti Autti.


The Baltic Issue

Our new issue is now available.


Photo by Jani Kärppä
A few weeks ago in December Nicholas Wolken joined Antti Autti up at Pyhä Resort in northern Finland for some turns during the magical lighting conditions known as Polar Light.

Johanna Under The Ice

Photo by Ian Derry
A beautifully shot short film by Ian Derry following Finnish freediver Johanna Norblad under the ice.

Alone in Finmark, extreme northeastern part of Norway.

Photo by Mads Kjærnli

Hamboards NOW AVALAIBLE in Scandinavia!

Carve Life introduces Hamboards throughout the Scandinavian countries. Just have a look at this short video you will understand our stoke!

Surfilm Project

Kontrasti 2015 – SurfilmTour Helsinki Night presented by Surf Suomi & Surfilmfestibal. 22.05.2015

NSG through the eyes of team Finland

Will the artificial waves revolution come from Finland?

Artwave Surf™ is a project for creating technology to generate surfable waves for everyone, anywhere in the world with a all new concept never seen so far...


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