Bornholm – The island of the Burgundians

Photo by Mat. Turries


Nordic Surfers Mag #20 Special Jæren in press shop october 28th but available now for pre order.

Freddie & Co at Mölle

After a long and quiet summer, Mölle woke up last week...

NSM #19

Färöarna issue.


Photo by Mathieu Turries
Official video & some photos from Hamburg last week end.

Freddie & Jeff

Photo by Jeff Flindt
Vi tog ett snack med Freddie Meadows om bland annat Bradley Surfboards & Färöarna... Dessutom bjöd Jeff Flindt på galet fina bilder!

Lofoten Masters Rapport & Film

Photo by Red Bull Media House
Lofoten Masters har funnits sedan 2007 men har nätt nya höjder i år! Watch here >>>

Urchin Howl

Photo by Chris McClean
First surfmovie on Instagram and its with our Freddie Meadows!

Intervju Freddie Meadows

Photo by Mikael Pilstrand
Freddie Meadows will be competing in heat 3 tomorrow at Lacanau pro around 8-8.30am local time. So tune in! Timothy Latte coming up in heat five. Go Sweden! Kort intervju med Freddie inför tävlingen från Blueberry Visuals:


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