NSM #23

New issue of Nordic Surfers Mag out the 19th of may but already available in the webshop

Help protect the Ojnare Forest

Photo by Jakob Wallin
In case youve missed that one on our Facebook page please have a look and sign the petition!

Carrots and Pinetrees

Photo by Jakob Wallin
Old cars, new fuels and some surf at Gotland, Sweden.


Nordic Surfers Mag #20 Special Jæren in press shop october 28th but available now for pre order.

Frontier Stories 1

Photo by Jakob Wallin
Kort film från Gotland av NSM:s redaktör Jakob Wallin för NORDSURF.

A Selection of Interesting Waves

A short movie made of waves by ACID mag

NSM #19

Färöarna issue.


Photo by Jakob Wallin
Fyren av Jakob Wallin med Gotlandscrewet.

Fyren i november

Photo by Jakob Wallin & Maja Wressel
Några bilder från förra veckan...


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