New project from the - Arctic January - crew

Photo by Hallvard Kolltveit
For many years I’ve had the idea of travelling around the Nordics and documenting how it is to be a surfer here. Not so much showing the perfect days and unicorn moments, but rather a true as possible portrait of the surf culture here.


A Lofoten Surf Mission With Oliver Hartkopp

Photo by Hallvard Kolltveit & Jonathan Strömberg
“Arctic January,” a short film with Oliver Hartkopp produced by Hallvard Kolltveit just won the Grand Prize at the Cold Hawaii Film Festival and get featured on American Surfer Mag!

DK on fire!

Denmark has been on fire. Here some photos from last week.

Nordic Surf Games Comp Day 2

Photo by Kristine Tofte
Huge congrats to Keala Naluai and Megan Mackay! Re-cap of competition day 2 at the Nordic Surf Games presented by Rip Curl at Sele beach, Norway.

Nordic Surf Games Comp day 1

Photo by Kristine Tofte
First competition day of the Nordic surf games presented by Rip Curl saw some nice sunny weather with waves rolling in throughout the morning accompanied by light offshore winds during the day.



Photo by Jakob Gjerluff Ager
A few pics from the comp in Danmark last week end. Third stop on the DM Surf Tour.

Cold Hawaii Film Festival & The Foamclimb Mammal

Recap from the Cold Hawaii Film Festival and the amazing Foamclimb Mammal...

DM Surf Tour 2014

Photo by Kasper Poulsen
1. Hvide Sande. Årets första tävling avgjord!


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