Odds and ends

Photo by Mike Bromley
Filmed over the winter and a few leftover sitting on the hard drive.

Logan Landry in Sweden

Photo by Mat. Turries
Super thrilled to had Canadian Pro surfer Logan Landry from Nova Scotia visiting us in Sweden.


Photo by Mat. Turries
Några bilder från igår med bland annat Zafer, Will, Igor och några till...

That forecast looked so bombproof...

Text by Håkan Nyberg
Photo by Håkan Nyberg
Joel Den-Besten, Magnus Larsson & Joao Caldas somewhere in Sweden. All photos by Håkan Nyberg

Nick Ivarsson på besök i Varberg

Photo by Mat. Turries

Roaring whitewalls at Reggie Would Go

Text by Erik Lundberg
Photo by Håkan Nyberg

Mor solo sesh

Photo by Vahine
Mor Meluka scoring alone close by Klitmøller

Saltstein, friday 10 okt.

Photo by Jostein Nilsen
Seamus, Phil & Seb Kjellström.

First winter swell in Jæren

Photo by Jaymin Rowlands
...and its pretty solid! Dont miss our next issue of NSM coming at the end of October. Special Jæren!!!!!


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