Greetings from a snow-covered shore

Text by Håkan Nyberg
Photo by Håkan Nyberg
Torö, January the 7th.

Help protect the Ojnare Forest

Photo by Jakob Wallin
In case youve missed that one on our Facebook page please have a look and sign the petition!

Frontier Stories 1

Photo by Jakob Wallin
Kort film från Gotland av NSM:s redaktör Jakob Wallin för NORDSURF.

Den Minsta Av Segrar

Photo by Tim Lorentzén
During my stay back home on Gotland this fall, I putted together a short movie about the surf scene back home. Trying to explain a feeling through a visual story that I guess many surfers who lives where the conditions aren´t perfect feel, the daily struggle to find waves. In ice cold environments. Everything was shot in a couple of weeks on the baltic island, Gotland.

NSM #17 Preview


Photo by Jakob Wallin
Ny film av NSM:s musikredaktör Jakob Wallin med Gotlands crewet.

Våren på Fårön

Photo by Jakob Wallin

NSM fyller 5 och bjussar på fet tårta

Rekreation @ nationalpark bästeträsk

Photo by Jakob Wallin
Norr om Ojnareskogen ruvar kusten på en av öns brantaste vågor. Snöfall och dyning, mycket nöje...


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