Taberg Downhill SM

SM i longboard 17-18 augusti!


Photo by Mat. Turries
Bilderna från dag 1

Louis Leg Burner

Photo by Skate House Media
Last year the Downhill Division went on a Tour d Europe in search of monstrous hills and breathtaking views. This road is the culmination of both, nestled elegantly in the Italian mountains. Could you skate downhill for 15 minutes?


Chris Bobino - Trick tip #1

First trick tip video from our buddy Chris Bobino in Karlstad

Common Places

Photo by Jarod Taber
Common Places is a three part documentary series centered around Drama in a Common Place, a recent street photography show at Book and Job Gallery in San Francisco California. The series takes a closer look at the correlation between street photography and skateboarding, proposing the idea that both skateboarding and photography lend each other a hand when approaching and appreciating the day to day treasures that surround us.


Photo by Mat. Turries
Fantastisk rolig session i lördags med en longboard maestro!!! Låt oss presentera: Julian Marcos Gonzales.

På besök hos Urskog

Photo by Mat. Turries

Västra D.I.Y - R.I.P

Sista sessionen i Västra D.I.Y innan grävskoporna planade ytan med marken till förmån för ännu en fotbollsplan...


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