Catch it

Watch Leas documentary Catch it. Its about finding simplicity and an appealing balance between nature and humanity in Lofoten Islands. Fishing, climbing and surfing... Lea reminds us that living simply is living fully.

NSG through the eyes of team Finland

Shred Talks presents: Daniel Thomson of Tomo Surfboards


Photo by Lucas Günther
First german cold water surf movie

Movie Night Grand Teatret København

3 in a row. Presented by OH DAWN. 17th march 2015. Dont miss!

Östersjöar – Baltic Seas

En dikt av Tomas Tranströmer

Lite poesi för alla älskare av Östersjön... Trailer:

Lightnin blues

Just a few clips from a session in South Sweden a few weeks ago that we wanted to share with you. ... and the great Lightnin Hopkins doing his thing.

Into the Mind of Greg Long

Photo by Patrick Trefz
Into The Mind Of Greg Long by Patrick Trefz just received the 2015 GOLDEN GATE AWARD from the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival. A film about the humble big wave warrior Greg Long.

We are nowhere, and its now - Fergal Smith

Desillusion editor Pierre David spent 4 days with Fergal Smith in his hometown of County Clare to gain a deeper insight into Fergals world and the importance of living a self sustaining and happy life.
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